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Why southern region of USA is more violent than other regions Essay

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United States of America as a country is generally divided in to two regions i. e. the northern region and the southern region respectively. The country’s indigenous people where whites but following the state of national pride and other factors in Europe there emerged the issue of colonialism. US therefore became a colony of Britain and hence it was subject to Britain’s ideologies. During this colonial era slavery emerged, slaves were being fetched from other Britain’s colonies across Africa and from Asia to come to work in large farms and factories in US.

Although as times continued to change slavery came to an end, this prompted some slaves to be taken back to their homelands. Some slaves had no homelands since they were born in US and hence there was a need to accommodate them in US. They were therefore settled on the southern part of US prompting the initial white inhabitants of this region to develop a feeling of hate over these black intruders.

Almost at the same time there emerged also series of battles between the southern whites and northerners whereby the southerners felt that they were being shortchanged as far as recognition by the federal government was concerned. Southerners were perceived to be inferior and anything to do with south was not taken serious by the federal government. This contributed many southerners to develop a state of hostility towards the laws of the land.

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The state of violence was compounded by greed, double-dealing, politically incorrect leaders, and power-lust by businessmen and politicians which led to the moral decay of the social fiber running through schools, healthcentres, and other crucial facilities. This resulted to changes in the society’s lifestyles, values, when the people realized that they were getting a raw deal from the federal government at the expense of their millions of dollars as taxes.

To start with one of the reasons for increased violence in the south is the modality of reporting of vices like crimes to the relevant authorities, although there exists an array of police hotlines, reporting of criminal activities has not been consistent. Some people find the painful work of giving evidence at police stations and law courts is not worth the cause, while victims of criminal activities feel shy to go public especially if they were subjected to shameful acts like rape.

Lack of efficiency on the part of law enforcers also has caused the public to loose confidence with the police force The fact that southern US is comprised of the indigenous whites and black Americans has contributed a great deal on violence in this region. There still exists the feelings of low self esteem, and inferiority complex among the blacks. These blacks have been subjected to many counts of mistreatment ranging from open discrimination in public places to unequal representation in areas of interest to them.

The above conglomeration of factors have also led to sprouting of other reasons as to why violence is on the increase in the southern region For instance the intermarriage between blacks and Americans has led to the emergency of big, and masculine men who have continued to virtually use their physical strength wrongly to compensate for their economic shortcomings or just for sheer pleasure. Drug and substance abuse has been a long time vice in the southern region whereby young people have continued to indulge themselves in hard drugs like bhang, cocaine, or even heroine.

These drugs when they reach addictive levels they make the user a slave to them and hence he will stop at nothing to get them even if it means through ill means. Young people rob, or even kill to get these drugs. Economically southern part of US is a bit deprived as compared to the northern region, this means that things like job opportunities are not enough for all the people and this problem of joblessness has led to youths engaging themselves in criminal activities to make a living.

Even the few jobs available are not paid well a thing which has made workers to constantly keep striking and hence causing damage to property. There is rampant unequal distribution of resources whereby some people are deprived of very crucial services e. g. healthcare services. This and many other examples have made young people to resort to violence as an avenue of venting out their anger. The emergency of hip-hop music has also contributed to erosion of morals and subsequent aping of values and practices which are socially unacceptable.

Young people have been influenced by the expensive lifestyles of local hip-hop musicians and therefore looked for ways financing these expensive lifestyles only to fall prey to large inviting gains in crimes. The US government needs to do something soon to counter this massive increase of violence in the south before it reaches extreme heights, even if it means overhauling the entire security systems in the region since nothing is as importance as peace and harmony in social setting.

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