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The Uncertain Path Essay

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The word music comes from the Greek mousike (tekhne) by way of the Latin musica. It is ultimately derived from mousa, the Greek word for muse. In ancient Greece, the word mousike was used to mean any of the arts or sciences governed by the Muses. Music is the guide to many people’s soul, including myself. (Wikipedia, Music) I took a glance at the clock and realized that I was almost late for school. Hurriedly, I grabbed my backpack and rush out the door. It was already 8:30 when I got to school. Realizing that I was 30 minutes late, our teacher has already started the lecture for the day.

Quickly, I took out my book and pretend that I was following the lecture and start copying the notes down from the board. In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters. And God said, Let there be light; and there was light. (Bible, Genesis 1:1) Monday is always the most boring day of the week. Not only because we being our class with one of my least interested subject Christian Living, but it was also the start of the week that I have to get up early again.

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As usual, I don’t seem to be focusing in class and began to gaze out and day dream again. I do not know exactly what I was thinking about but as I started to zoom in to my own little world, all these past memories started to rush back into me as I think about it. Some people have really good memories or even perfect memories. They remember the very little details from the past. Some people really do remember everything. (Wikipedia, Memory) The park across from the street; where we used to live was where I spent one of my happiest childhood memories.

In the afternoon, the blue slide and the yellow swing are usually occupied with other kids running and playing around with their other playmates. I happen to be one of those little kids back then when I would just swing above the swing towards the blue sky with nothing to worry about. Aren’t kids so simple and innocent? Just by swinging on the swing will make us happy. Then what happens when we grow older? Why do things have to grow more complicated? I remember there was this little boy that I really admire; his name was Zack. I always remembered him in my memory as the boy in the red shoes.

I remember approaching him to ask if he wants to play the seesaw with me. He would say yes and give me a very shy look. But as times goes by, we get closer and closer as friends. As years passed by, and when I no longer live in the neighborhood, we parted and lose contact. Every once in a while I will think of him, a friend during my childhood times who will always remain in my memories as time goes by. There will be times that I started to wonder about why I’ve never seen his parents. I remember to see other parents bringing their kids over to the park. But things work differently for Zack. Zack is always there by himself or with his sister.

And there will be times that his babysitter might come during the end of the day to pick him up. Does Zack’s parent not care about him? Why are they leaving him there by himself? This may be one of the reasons why he is always quiet around people. He doesn’t know how to interact with people because at home he does not have anyone to talk to. His parents are never home and when they do come home, they are never back when he was awake. (As if their son is not important) Music ranges from strictly organized compositions (and their recreation in performance), through improvisational music to aleatoric forms.

Music can be divided into genres and sub-genres, although the dividing lines and relationships between music genres are often subtle, sometimes open to individual interpretation, (Wikipedia, Music) Zack never told me anything about his childhood. Even as a little kid, I can sort of tell what he has been going through. I can’t really put myself into his shoes to see how he feels but deep inside I can tell that he was not happy. It was not until the day that my family and I decided to move out from the neighborhood. Just like a bird that was locked in the cage, as if there is no way to fly out and be free.

I hope that one day he will talk to me about his problem and at least open up to me. To this day, I can still clearly picture his face during the departure. I can tell that he was sad. He did not say a word to me and nor did I. But deep inside, we both know that we will no longer be able to play with each other in the park anymore. Waitng. The painting demonstrates a girl sitting on the beach staring into the blue sky. It was on a sunny noon that the girl sits there. The color of the painting is somewhat gloomy. It shows a sense of blue and loneliness that comes from the girl.

We do not know exactly what the girl is looking into, but she is probably thinking about something. Humans have the ability to think 20 steps into the future. It’s the prefrontal cortex that brings those emotions into play and guides us in our behavior. If we didn’t have a sense of what would be wonderful or awful in the future, we would behave very haphazardly. There is always a part of the history that remains unrevealed. Same goes for me in my family. There are also things that I still have not find out about or may never find out about. Then how is it possible for us to know that there are things that we don’t know?

Is it necessary that these things are important for us to know? I guess it varies around people. There are no certain answers to this. Whereas, there are also things that I am starting to learn about bits by bits as time passes by. Every family has its own family history. Modern music notation uses a five-line staff. Pitch is shown by placement of notes on the staff (sometimes modified by accidentals), and duration is shown with different note values and additional symbols such as dots and ties. Notation is read from left to right, which makes setting music for right-to-left scripts difficult. (Wikipedia, Music notation)

Years later, when my family and I moved to the new environment, I made some new friends and so did my parents. I got used to the new environment. I also made a lot of new playmates and this park was a lot bigger than the one back then. There are also more facilities for us to play around with. There are also monkey bars and a mini-bridge that we climb to. Just like in life, as we are more exposed to the world, we learn something new ever day. Does this also means that the more we learn the smarter we get? Not only do we learn about academics in school but through lives, there are also many things that are not taught in the textbook.

A staff of written music generally begins with a clef, followed by the key signature. Tempo and dynamics are also added above or below the staff to guide the players. (Wikipedia, Music notation) Couple years later, when I was no longer a middle school student, I moved to a different international school, which was a lot bigger than the one I previously went to. I also made a lot of new friends there. At this stage, things that we talk about now no longer evolves around the games we play or the park we go to. Topics that we talk about include a wider scope and have more to do with relationship wise. Do we really notice this change?

Is it true that as we grow older, people build up different interest? Back then I never understand why my elder sister will have a lot of idol posters in her room. I always thought that pokemon is the cutest thing ever. But as of now when I think about it, I am starting to build up a habit of admiring different idols and celebrities. Do you ever think of what is the reason behind this? Why this is happening? Sometimes, just sometimes, I feel as if I am walking through an unending path, on and on with different directions at every intersections. We stop for a while and think about whether we want to turn left or right?

Or keep walking straight? In 9th grade, our teacher introduced us to a different kind of reading in our literature class. Ms. Skinner, she asked us to read a number of books. These books are rather strange but interesting. They tend to be talking about something but it’s actually up to your imagination to think about what it is really about. One of the books I remember reading was the Metamorphosis, by Franz Kafka. I never actually understand his style. It is ridiculously weird. But what makes him such a great author if he has such a strange style? What can be the reasons behind that cause him to be such an extreme writer? 883, the year Franz Kafka was born. He was born to a Jewish middle class family in Prague. His work is mostly based on alienation and externalism. It takes a lot of imagination and time to compose a piece of music. Inspiration is also the key. It’s easier if you have inspiration from something to stimulate to write the piece. Some take longer time to write while other takes only a short period to complete. Music is filled with enthusiasms and passion. Music is also a way for people to express their emotions and feelings. Part of his dairy, Kafka wrote, “Dearest Father, You asked me recently why I maintained that I am afraid of you.

As usual, I was unable to think of any answer to your question, partly for the very reason that I am afraid of you, and partly because an explanation of the grounds for this fear would mean going into fair more details than I could even approximately keep in mind while talking. ” (Kaiser). Throughout the letter, Kafka showed his unsatisfied feeling towards his father about how he has shaped him into the way he is now. Kafka thinks that his father doesn’t love him. He feels emptiness towards himself. This emptiness and his lack of experience to be around people and the society shaped him into the way he is now.

These are all express in the way he writes. In the Metamorphosis, the story starts off with a climax. Gregor, the main character of the story woke up one day, found himself turned into humongous insect. After Gregor’s transformation, his life was limited to only a certain amount of space. He wasn’t able to leave the room because his appearance seems to be too frightening for people to see. He was isolated from the society. Is it always like this that people get judge by their look? It reminds me of the holocaust. When the Jews were judge by the Germans with their look.

It was hard for Gregor to adjust to this change. Even his family was scared by his appearance. There was an incident in the story when his father threw an apple at him and it got stuck in his back. Just like Kafka, he felt as if his father was harsh on him. And in the case of Zack, his parents don’t really care about his existence. In the end of the story, Gregor died. The next semester, I decided to take Chinese history as my elective. My mom always told me that it is important for one to learn about its own history. Following what my mother told me I’ve decided to learn more about it and be a more cultural girl.

As I walked in to the library the other day, I met this libarian, without any knowledge of whom I should research about for my project, I asked her for suggestions. “Sorry, do you know any great person in Chinese History that you can recommend as the topic of my paper? ”, I asked. She gave me the name Confucius. Little do I know, I walked through the pales of books and started searching for information on him. Confucianism is another great historical figure that most of us are familiar with if we study Chinese history. Some may think of Confucianism as a kind of religion, but it really has more to do with ethical tradition.

Confucianism is one of the greatest and most practiced traditions in the past which placed a big impact in Chinese’s history. It is one of the most important things we have to know when we learn about Chinese history. 551 BC, the year when Kung Zi was born. He is also known as Confucius, Little do we know when he was born that he will become one of the most influential person in China’s history. Later in his life, Confucius introduced to people in China with a very important concept of life known as Confucianism that affect people’s life, even until now. It focuses on human morality and good deeds.

Confucianism is a complex system of moral, social, political, philosophical, and quasi-religious thought that has had tremendous influence on the culture and history of East Asia. Confucianism consists of a lot of concepts for human beings. Such basic concepts as to respectful, be loyal, and be ritual. Confucianism also started the practice of meritocracy. Confucius carried out the practice of letting people take the entrance exam in order to become a government officer. This made a huge transition in China’s society because before that government officers were all passed down from father to son.

This gives more fairness to the citizens. People who practice composition are called composers. Compositional techniques are the methods used to create music. Useful skills in composition include writing musical notation, instrumentation, and handling musical ensembles (orchestration). (Wikipedia, Music Composition). My great grandfather, who was also a government officer back in the days, he was one of the few who passed the entrance test to become the government. I was really curious that I started to ask my mom about it. It was rather shocking to find out that my great grand father was one of those who passed the exam.

It was really rare for one to be able to take the test and compete with all the people in the country. As I learned about this, I became more eager to find out more about my family history. So I spent the next couple hours talking to my mom asking her the details. What if I decided to take the other turn and take another course instead? Does that means that I will never learn about Confucius? Does it also means that by not learning about Confucius, I will not learn about my family’s past? Why is everything related? As if a chain of unending path; as if completing a puzzle, pieces by pieces being put together to complete a whole.

I wonder if Zack will ever understand why his parents are so busy. Some things are hard to recall from memories. As time goes by, memories fade away. Memory is the process by which a learning experience is retained over time. A single memory can be retrieved several times when the proper stimulus is presented. (Kruglinski) If certain numbers are given to you this way, 1233456565645, will it be easier for one to memorize it if you separate them into parts? Let’s take a look, 123 345 656 5645. People tend to memorize parts separately. They can remember things in a shorter pattern than a longer one.

There is also a research from Harvard that says that people can read something even if the letters are spelled in different orders. For example: I dnot kown ohw ot ytpe. Most of the people can still understand it at first glance and read it as: I don’t know how to type. Just like these examples, some memories are hard to erase and will always be remembered. It was long before that my parents first moved to Singapore. Not knowing that our ancestors are actually from elsewhere, I always tell people that I came from Singapore. Dating back to the Second World War, it was when that my family was forced to leave Burma.

It was during that time when the country was under government corruption. All the properties in our family were taken away. Without a choice, my grandparents decided to escape to Thailand instead. It was during that time of their life that was the hardest for them. They lose everything and had to start life anew. Everything seems hard for them in the beginning. Government system was not stable either. Not long after, things got worse; my grandparents had to leave the country again. This time, they were forced to move to Mainland China. As time goes by, things got better in the end.

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