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Smart growth Essay

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Smart growth involves demographic, market and development trends that are undertaken in US. It is important for the country to have a view of how it will deal with the old moulds that existed so that their can be new communities formed with low income and minority families included. In the smart growth there is the inclusion of current governmental policies that will be taken so that they can facilitate the excessive decentralization of people and jobs.

What generally means by a smart growth is the changes that have to be taken so that they put in new models that will change the city set ups and lead to proper lives for every one in the country. It is therefore a fact to ensure that a focus is made on problems that are in cities which will be dealt with so that they come up with urban infrastructure and make use of abandoned land and create more socially mixed communities.

The government is therefore ensuring that there is funding of the expensive and declining cities so that they can meet the long term costs that are important for the expansion of the outer better schools, environmental conditions and roads. What they mean is that it is an important thing to make sure every thing is taken with a lot of concern so they can fight the suburban lifestyles in the country. What they are aiming at is to come up with developments that will cover every one in the country. (Giuliano, 1990)

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The importance of this smart growth in American is that been is a country that has high population they require a way through so that they can deal with the population in making sure they have a cover for every one this will give the country a better chance to have change in life style of people leading to change in economy in return. This means that for the country to have quality environment in other words an environment that is not contaminated then it should be able to make sure that the population has been able to practice the best practices that will not affect environment like pollution so that they make use of resources as required.

The country through urban growth will be able to have economic competitiveness this will result because everyone in the country will be ready to work and this will ensure that the dependency rate will below as compared in the past when people did not want to work but what to depend on others for survival. The country will have social and racial justice this will give the blacks a chance to be proud of been in the country mainly because there is justice therefore they will be taken as citizens of the country and working places will be provided for them.

What they have to target is the idea that every body should be part of the country and this will bring in the desire for people to live and at the same time work for the good of the country. This will mean that their will be growth in employment as the centers for employment will be able to serve the functions of regional economies and this will mean that the economy in such country will rapidly grow leading to changes in life style of people all over the country.

When the country will be able to have decentralized lifestyles then it will be clear that the population growth in the country will change and this will create new and complex communities which will be living in the suburbs and this will ensure that these places will look more like urban areas. What will happen with suburbs is that many people will be attracted to such places mainly because they will be in need for their jobs and they will create jobs in such places this will lead to growth of house hold types faster in suburbs than in cities.

What I mean is that with smart growth America will be able to have concentration of people in all places so that they can avoid congestion of population in cities. This will mean that the country will not have economic growth in some places while going in towns to search for jobs but they will be able to have their own jobs. This growth will have chance for minority groups which will be in a position to have their places in the suburb areas as they will have high growth like the cities.

This growth has been able to reduce the rate of immigration that has been taking place in many parts of the countries so that the cities have population that is working for the betterment of the country in large. Therefore this growth is important for America because it is a country that has racial discrimination and to deal with this discrimination they can have suburbs for minority groups who will be in a position to work in the same manner as those in the cities and towns.

The smart growth will imply that transportation problem will be done way with the main aim to make sure that congestion is dealt with, there will be environmental protection from practices that can lead to problems in environment like pollution this will imply that the pollution that is dangerous for human health and every population at large will be reduced and this will mean that the country will have limited income to be imposed in environmental conservation. There will be investment and resources imposed in other parts so that they make sure there is balanced growth.

Conclusion Smart growth is very crucial is a country like America this is because the population is growing and they have many other groups that are from a different race. This will mean that they will make sure they have economic balance as these groups will have access to resources like the other groups meaning that economic growth will be achieved in every part of the country. The policies that have to be put in place should ensure that rights for every one are followed so that they give time for minority groups in the country.

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