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People and animals Essay

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Your role is to find a minimum of three connections between the reading and the world at large. This means connecting the reading to your own life, to happenings in the local and/or global community, to similar events at other times and places, to other people or problems which you are reminded. You might also see connections between this portion of the novel to other parts of it; other writings on the same topic, or similar issues being raised in other classes. Realize that whatever the reading connects you with is worth sharing. PLEASE TYPE YOUR RESPONSES.

There are many connections to be made between Crichton’s Jurassic Park and life today. Michael Crichton is not exactly a scientific writer, but he uses real science to back up everything about his novels. He extrapolates the concepts, much as other science fiction writers do. The first example are the sentences “They are not free at all. They are essentially our prisoners. Unable to survive in real world” (Crichton). This reminds me of animals at a zoo or even the idea of cloning. Natural reproduction in animals is one thing, but making animals for only our purposes is questionable.

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I realize people breed dogs and other animals to sell, but large scale cloning becomes a little scary. In fact, there are some people now who believe in more rights for animals. These people would be very unhappy with a theme park that clones animals. They are already extremely unhappy with people who keep animals for pets. The next part that reminds me of something else is all the reliance on fences. The people who built Jurassic Park believe the fences will protect them. In the poem “Mending Wall,” Robert Frost says that before he built a fence, he would want to know what he is walling in or out.

The same is true for this novel. First of all, the fence gives the characters a false sense of security. They believe the fence will protect them from the dinosaurs when, in reality, the dinosaurs can escape. However, in walling the dinosaurs out so heavily, they are also walling themselves in. It will be much harder for them to get away if anything would happen. I think we rely on all kinds of fences to give us a false sense of security. I think about gated communities. People buy expensive homes in gated communities to keep “undesirables” out, but really, it is not hard to leap a fence.

If people want your wealth badly enough, they will go over the fence. The Mexican American border is another example. We believe that if we can staff the fence enough with la migra, we can protect ourselves from illegal immigration. The fact is that there is not enough fence to keep the United States from gaining thousands of illegal immigrants each year. Mexico is poverty, and the United States is wealth. Those fences won’t protect us at all. The whole concept of being able to visit a dinosaur park makes me think of eco-tourism and how popular it has become.

We all want to get glimpses of true nature. We are willing to make our own land into parking lots, but we will travel to exotic places to see nature unspoiled. Unspoiled nature is not meant for tourists. Before long, garbage and refuse will be left in the rainforests or wherever and destroy the delicate balance of life there. Dinosaurs went extinct for a reason. Maybe we don’t know what the reason is, but they should not be brought back for our amusement. We should not travel to other countries to see animal life and primitive people.

It is disrespectful. The last sentence to discuss is “The history of evolution is that life escapes all barriers” (Crichton). This is what we always forget in creating new things. Once we give something “life,” anything can happen. People and animals are not meant to be controlled and will always surprise us. The fact that the dinosaurs are breeding should not surprise anyone, but it does. The scientists actually believe that they can create an artificial environment that they can control. But adaptation is always in the works.

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