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Out, Out by Robert Frost Essay

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Having Shakespeare’s Macbeth as the primary inspiration for this poem has actual made the message of the entire poem much related to life and the length that it particularly runs. The idea that the author would likely want to send to his readers is rather related to the fact of how much life is less valued by many simply because of being focused in things that they believe are more important than their lives. Using the boy as a primary character In the poem naturally intends to mirror that fact that life could be ended even during one’s youth.

Doing away with misleading idea of child labor, the poem authored by Robert Frost simply aims to give a brief description on life’s being unpredictable and most of the time uncertain. Yes, as Shakespeare compares the human life to a candle that could be put out of light anytime, frost uses a more direct referral to humans through the boy as the ones having the shortest span of time to live on earth simply because of unworthy accidents that causes some people’s existence on earth.

Another face of the said poem is directed to the fact that humans are usually over indulged in their works, their responsibilities that they are already disregarding their health with careless acts of self-abuse with regards the capacity of their physical being to take the stresses that they continuously accept from work. Undoubtedly, through reports, it could then be observed that many employees who are rather employed in huge companies right now and are over absorbed in their jobs are the first ones to suffer from heart ailments and other stress-based sickness that causes their enthusiasm to even complete their tasks.

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Worse case s that, some work to death, that they actually receive death itself at the end of the line, having nothing to keep for themselves from all the hard works that they have accomplished when they were still living. Yes, it is the primary goal of the author of this poem to help people realize the fact that they are indeed living in a short-spanned time that they need to be careful of their acts, their decisions and their choices. Absolutely, it could not be denied that this call goes out to every age, every gender and every race that are standing as members of the human society.

Taking one’s own years of life in much care and security would allow one to feel the essence of life much better. Yes, the approach of Robert Frost in using a young child as the depicting matter that explains human behavior towards life is indeed effective in showing the readers the real message behind the narration. Undoubtedly, it is through this approach that the concerns of human individuals are given clearer description and distinction as to how they are actually seen and observed in the society today.

Using Shakespeare’s writing as a major inspiration for this literary piece also made it more mystique in presentation yet deep in explanation. Certainly, it could not be denied that readers of this poem could easily be enticed to the use of rather practical approach in referring human individuals to a young child who is supposed to have longer years of life ahead of him and yet whose life was cut short immediately by an accident and later on was immediately forgotten by the people around him as they have also their own lives to handle.

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