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Origins of western culture Essay

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My friend and I organized for a visit to the park; we had to analyze several parks so as we could come up with the best park that was rich enough to enable us get enough literature for this class. After much research, we found Aztec ruins national park would play the role. Aztec ruins national park is a center of ancestral pueblo society that has housed more than five hundred rooms. It is made of original timber that holds the roof of Entire Park. In the park walls, finger prints of ancient workers are found in the stucco walls. As you talk in the park, you hear the echoes of the ritual drums in the reconstructed great kiva.

According to (nps. gov, 2008) web site, Aztec national park is situated in animals’ river valley of northwest New Mexico. It is bounded by the Aztec national monument on the west, community of different cultures, residential buildings, roads, kivas and ancestral culture of modern puebloan people of the south east. The community around the park takes advantage of the year-round water from the Animas by constructing irrigation ditches that direct water to their farms of corn, beans, and squash. Settlers have also constructed irrigation terraces, some tracing the paths of the prehistoric ditches to irrigate fruit trees and pasture lands.

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The Farmers Ditch, a major irrigation ditch built in late 19th century, runs east-west through the more than 300-acre park and transports precious water to historic fruit orchards within the park and to users outside the park boundaries. According to (James H. 1992 National Monuments p77) Rise in the interest in developing people through out the organization could be attributed to a number of factors. In Aztec reins national park, employees are taking broader ranges of responsibility, managers, in particular are faced with a completely new environment.

For they have to deal with people of different cultures and calibers. They have to make fundamental changes and come up with more planned productive strategies for effective operations of the park. Advertisement is another most important component that characterizes the operation Aztec ruins national park in the market since it raises the awareness of the customers about the park and its services in the market. Therefore a well planned advertisement is an important component that helps the park to penetrate the market Aztecs ruins national park’s market has a wide scope which comprises of many factors.

These factors are essential for the maintenances of park competitiveness of the services being delivered by the park in the market, the Aztec ruins national park’s marketing team has the privileges of collecting relevant data from its market target which quite fundamental is its goods and service improvements that enable the maintenances of high competitiveness nationally. Human resource management has become one of the most important aspects in Aztecs ruins national park.

It has been realized that having a competent and a motivated workforce can help the park create a competitive advantage which other parks may find hard to replicate in the market. Therefore there is need for the park to take bold step in order to address issue of hiring and retaining a competent work force. It will begin by motivating the current workers and to give them more freedom to make their own decision as pertains to the operation of the park. But them most important thing is for the Aztec ruins national park is to come up with a human resource plan that will be integrated in the overall growth strategy.

A strategic human resource plan will define issue on hiring, retaining, training and development of the workforce in order to maintain a competitive workforce. (George C. 1962 Aztecs of Mexico P36) states that motivation is the force or impetus behind behavior and actions. This energizes behavior and directs behavior towards a goal. In Aztec ruins national park managers are always expected to create a desire of working to employees by creating conducive environment and a favoring atmosphere for working. Aztec ruins national park has been advocating the use of reinforcement by rewarding.

An attractive object or event is supplied as a consequence of a particular work done perfectly. According to behavior approach to motivation, managers have an understanding of employees’ motivation which begins with careful analysis of incentive and rewards that are present in the park. These incentives are like privileges and money. It’s always managers’ responsibility in Aztec ruins national park to identify behaviors that need to be reinforced like outstanding performance, punctuality, neatness and completion of work (Stearns, 2003).

Aztec ruins national has helped the surrounding community much, conservation of the Park can bring more profits to both community and the state. It’s quite apparent that the catchments areas found in the park, if taken care of, can be of great help in agriculture thus availing food and employment to the community. This being a tourist destination, it helps the community interact with people of different culture and there finding market for their farm products

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