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Organizational psychology Simulation Response Essay

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Leadership and management has been two confusing practices for many people tend to confuse leadership and management. Leadership has many definitions that may leave one completely confused having no appropriate meaning. Leaders and managers seem to have close responsibilities in the welfare of the organization. Leadership in general is defined as influencing, motivating, organizing and providing support to the employees or workers. Management on the other hand is mastering the working behavior and progress of the employees.

Therefore, the leaders are more concerned with the welfare of the employee while managers mostly concerned with the welfare of the organization. There is difference in response by the workers to the leaders and managers, this can be distinguished by taking a close look on how they understand between the two terms and responses they give to each. Simulation response Interestingly, most employees tend to prefer working with leaders than managers.

Good leaders are never dictators, they guide the employees through their work to achieve the desired goals. Leadership is very crucial in the welfare of the employees in the organization, good leaders are responsible for the employees’ achievement and their working conditions. According to (Yukl, 1992), employees are the one that determines who real leaders and who managers are depending on how they respond to the two issues. Employees tend to respond to leaders in a different way from how they respond to the managers.

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Due to difference in the working behaviors, managers are feared for they do anything no matter the impact it may bring to the employee just to protect the interests of the organization while the leaders will try to balance both issues and interests. A leader seems to be more skillful than the manager because he must possess interpersonal skills of persuading and influencing employees to perform a task, they are more concerned with the process the duty is performed unlike the managers who are more concerned with the outcome.

Leaders provide the strategic direction and vision to the employees and to entire organization and making sure that every task is completed in time and in the right order, they are responsible for organization goals and future destinations, they are responsible of motivating and coaching the employees to achieve the expected goal for them. Different leaders posses different traits depending on their effectiveness, though the research have not yet defined on how effective a leader could be.

Leadership is more of behavior while management is mostly on commands, therefore the leaders behavior are more complex and hard to understand for no one knows or predicts what a leader is up for while every knows what the manager is expecting of him. Leaders are able to influence the implementation of certain behaviors without affecting the working routine of employees while the managers will force it in which might affect the employees and their working conditions. Decision According to the above discussion, it’s clear that leaders can perform both duties they perform and those performed by managers.

It would of great benefit to any organization if leaders are given more priority than managers for they have more skills than managers. They are among the most important asset the organization can have for they care about the company and employees. Leaders deliver more benefits to the company through administering the working process of the employee, they are attentive through out and have that personal skills to motivate workers therefore delivering the best to the company.

Leaders don’t struggle in seeking the process of achieving the organization goals for they are able to implement a road map to the goals without dictating to the employees, they are part of the reliable personnel that holds the company’s corners, so, if the managers work is just to sit in the office giving directions, the leader is out with other workers guiding them to achieve the goal in the easier way. Conclusion Leaders are able to understand the dynamics of influence and power to their employees, through the strategies the leaders use they determine the roadmap the organization is going to follow to achieve the desired goal.

Persuasive power possessed by the leaders makes the most useful human asset to the organization; good leadership is determined by the achievements one achieves. Most managers are known to dictate the working map to achieve what they desire as the leaders will try to understand what the employees will do right to achieve the organization goals. Therefore it quite hard to understand the strategies a leader may use to influence the employees, there is no defined map the leaders use while every employee knows the interest of a manager is always result oriented.

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