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Organizational Behaviors Essay

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Every organization knows that they need a good leader to run their companies and make sure that everything is going well. Therefore, it is important that leaders have the capacity to lead themselves first before trying to lead others. If they do not have power over themselves, they will not be able to properly demonstrate their leadership skills to their subordinates. Self leadership takes several processes where people have the ability to control their own behavior.

To acquire self-leadership skills, a person must first “practice self-observation, setting challenging personal goals, self-direction, and self-reinforcement. Every thing must come from one’s self first before it could be given to others. This holds true when it comes to leadership. A person cannot lead others if he or she cannot lead him or herself. If others cannot see effective leadership skills in an individual, they might not follow the person and bypass his or her authority. A good leader should also make it a point to encourage his or her subordinates or colleagues to establish their goals, which is important to have even for one’s personal life.

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Goals establish direction, as to where a person is heading and what his or her plans in life are. They make an individual motivated enough to achieve what he or she wants in life and be successful in the future. They would become goal-oriented individuals, which would ultimately benefit the organization in the long run. Motivation is an important factor for an employee because if this is not present, the employee might feel burnt out from the job. Self-rewarding, no matter how big or small, can influence a worker to perform better and develop a better attitude towards the work and workplace.

Having this kind of behavior would result to a successful organization and more harmonious relationship in the working environment. Self-leadership can also be acquired through positive thinking. It is always better to think of the brighter side of things rather than dwell on the negative things. Having a positive outlook can change one’s perspective on things and can look at situations differently, which would result to better judgments and better leadership skills. It is also important for leaders or employers to create an environment that is suitable for self-leadership.

Employees will feel that they are important when they have opportunities to grow in terms of their professional paths. They can demonstrate their skills better and become motivated because they know that their efforts will return appreciated. The final thing that employees need to remember when trying to learn self-leadership skills is to allow self-criticism. A mature person knows that he or she cannot please everyone and criticisms should be regarded as positive things taken to improve one’s self.

If an individual take criticisms personally it could be destructive and would affect his or her performance at work. Self-criticisms provide a way for people to be aware of their actions and that they are not perfect. They should remember to always have room for improvement. Leaders who can lead themselves as effective as how they lead others are important, especially with the emergence of groups or teams at the workplace nowadays. People who do not know how to direct themselves would have a hard time making others follow them because they themselves do not demonstrate what and how a good leader should be.

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