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Organizational Behavior-Communication Essay

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1. Present which channels of communications should be emphasized and how these channels will be used to ensure that the traditional departments (e.g., IT, human resources, customer service, and sales) at SWC headquarters have necessary accurate and timely information.

Communication in an organization or company is very important in achieving goals and objectives. It is oftentimes used in relaying information, messages and issues that concern the success of a company or organization. It is the medium used by most of the high ranking officials and members to have an organized and timely delivery of information in every office or department for instance. Various types of communication or channels had been used. These communication channels are used by the companies to convey and interact well with the employees in order to improve and attain growth of the organization.

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There are two types of channels—indirect and direct communication. Indirect communication is used when the interaction is not face-to-face. It uses medium such as different types of technologies like computers, monitors and among others. The most common type of indirect communication is the teleconferencing.  On the other hand, direct communication is a face-to-face type of communication. This is common when all of the members of the team are present in just one area.

2. Which channels will be key to those work teams with all members located within headquarters?

In the case of SWC, all of the members of the team are within the headquarters, it is best to use direct communication. In relaying this message , a memo can be sent to the members of the team to inform them of the activity that will be done within the headquarters. It is a common knowledge that doing a meeting or gathering within a certain place when all of the people are present, it is best to employ the direct communication.

If the head of the department do not have the time to write a memo the most common thing done is to send an email to the members stating the information and issues that should be discussed and later on meet face-to-face with the members. It is not advisable that the leader will just send an email to all the members even if all are present within one area. On the other hand, an email might be good to relay the information fast and easy but still it connotes something to the members. The members might think that the leader of the team is not interested in talking with them. So, there are also strengths and weaknesses of these channels. But in this case, a good leader nurtures a relationship with the members through constant socialization, constant talking with them and assuring that the company is still wants them and will be like a friend that whenever the company decides to change leadership and people the members will be the first to know. It is showing of sincerity with the members of the team.

In a study done by the Harvard business school, they projected what a good manager is. They found out that the effective manager spends more than 80 percent of their time in interacting with their personnel and staff. Furthermore, their study said that interaction and conversations within the working area is important in leading a company or organization. It is human capital and social capital that is working in order to achieve and create what the company wants such as increasing productivity while enhancing innovation. In another research done by Ron Burt from the University of Chicago, a leading researcher on the social capital of managers has found, through numerous studies, that certain patterns of connections that individuals build with others brings them higher pay, earlier promotions, greater influence, better ideas and overall greater career success. Burt believes that good social capital provides a much higher return on investment in human capital – the two work together. (Krebs, 2005)

In another research done at the Norwegian school of economics, a manager or team leader with a better social networking were more productive since they are sincere with their work, they can easily coordinate with the members without hesitation and coordinate tasks in order to finish a certain project and accomplish the goals and objectives of the project (Krebs, 2005).

3. We may have virtual self-managed teams with members located in different parts of the world. The members have yet to meet each other. These teams are each focusing on designing and delivering specific products to certain customers by designated dates.

On the other hand, while face-to-face interaction is important in achieving productivity the introduction of various technologies cannot be ignored. Some of the teams of SWC are located in various areas where there is difficulty of meeting face-to-face. In this kind of interaction, teleconferencing has been used by many organizations and companies in order to hold a meeting or to discuss an issue that concerns the company. Also, one of the successful interactions is through networking. This technology helps individuals communicate with each other even if it is across the world. It is a laborious and costly though but once it is set up many of the staff outside the headquarters will benefit from it. From this networking there will be better information flow and exchange of communication among the team members(Lussier, 2005)

If SWC were to consider the virtual self-managed teams, below are some key areas that would be evaluated.

A virtual self-managed team has been around the globe today. It is used by the outsourcing companies such as call centers, medical transcriptionist, and even tutorials online. Through the introduction of the technology people have embraced this and been nurturing and disseminating it to the others. But before going into a deeper context of the virtual self-managed team, a creation of this team is very important such as choosing the right person to manage and disseminate information.

There are a lot of criteria in choosing the person. One of this is the knowledge and skills on the technology that will be used in the entire implementation of the project or program. Individuals who are adept with various types of technologies and willing to be trained again and again just to ensure that there will be no problems later on in the implementation.  Individuals who have lots of connections and networks that can assist them with their problems in terms of technology. Individuals who are willing to share later on their knowledge and not be tacit about the new information and studies so that there will be transfer of skills., and someone that cannot only design programs but can facilitate information flow and sharing of knowledge.

a. What communication channel(s) would you recommend for the initial meeting? For the initial meeting of the team, it would be best that is done face-to-face. This is the first meeting so it should build rapport with each other. Even if there are the use of technologies later on, at least during the initial meeting and introduction of each other there already a communication among them.

b. What communication channel(s) would you recommend as key interactions (you are not limited to those channels listed in the exhibit)?

Later on, after the initial meeting the team can discuss issues through teleconferencing, phone calls, chat messengers and among others that might not require the presence of each other and spend costly fares just to be in one place. Organization of the issues beforehand is also important because this will identify how urgent the meeting should be or is it just one of the meetings and phone calls would be enough.

c. Explain how these teams will meet the challenges of each of the stages of group/team development.

Engaging in this kind of set-up, virtual self-managed team, is difficult to maintain though. It will require energy because this does not only entail communication but it also needs feedback and learning (source) among the team members. In order to meet these challenges there should be a constant communication even it is called “virtual” because through this monitoring can be done as well as learning along the way.

d. What challenges does diversity present? What must be done to meet these challenges?

Diversity in people is very challenging. Every person has its own personality, culture and attitude. Constant learning through trainings can be a good answer to it.

e. From a communications point of view, what are the advantages and what are the disadvantages of virtual self-managed-teams?

Virtual self-managed team is cost-effective. The only costs that will be incurred are the gadgets that will be used during the networking and conferencing. It can also be done anywhere and anytime of the day. Just put the set up and voila there will be a meeting in the middle of beach. On the other hand, it has also disadvantages. Since it will not require the presence of the person it does not nurture a relationship and does not build rapport among the team. Oftentimes than not, the reaction and the feelings will be not be felt if it is only in the monitor or phone calls. Conversations can be faked and might build walls.

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