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Organizational Behavior Essay

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The role of organizational behavior in project management empowers the project leader to effectively diagnose situations related to the project for appropriate action and performance. The organizational behavior is a critical aspect to assist the project manager in accessing the particular skills of the team members within a functional organizational matrix (George and Jones, 2005). The understanding of organizational behavior from a project manager’s perspective presents an in-depth conceptual, technical, decision making, and interpersonal skills that are required to successfully manage complex project teams.

Analysis on Organizational Behavior That Impacts Project Management The challenges in projects can create multiple tasks to reaching the goals outlined in the project scope. For instance, the team formation process is detrimental to moving through phrases of forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning in order to reaching the completion of the project. The project management primary role in understanding the functional project organization assists in identifying the organizational behavior within the context of team building to successfully moving through the phrases (Mantel, Meredith, Shafer, and Sutton, 2008).

The project manager utilized the identified organizational behavior concepts of the team and the functional organization to apply appropriate human interpersonal skills for applied motivation, knowledge, decision making, change management, code of ethics, style of communication, and leadership direction. The interaction between the project manager and the project team are the stringent formed relationship that strengthens the communication matrix. The effort for sharing and receiving imperative information concerning the stages of the project tasks organizes the project for accurate reporting to stakeholders.

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Therefore, the organizational behavior presents a synergy to the effective communication matrix monitored by the project manager to assure that the channel is effectively being relayed by all individuals. The communication method determines the success of the project and defines the organizational behavior concept within the organization. Project managers must work with project teams through effective communication measures that reinforced the indentified organizational behavior concept (Hunger, 2007).

In doing so, the expectations of the completed scope objectives are met as well as a formation of a productive project team. The skill of effective communication is the key to transferring the criteria of organizational behavior by demonstrating good decision making. The project manager’s decisions provide the organized efforts to staying on schedule and within budget with a human interpersonal skill approach that keeps the project team together. The decision making identifies the possible scenarios within the organizational behavior concept of the organization for a more direct approach to a problem.

Respectively, the organizational cultures present a challenge for the project to moving in the desired direction. Therefore, the project managers must recreate their own organizational cultures within their project team environments that reinforced the specific scope objectives. In doing so, the demonstrated decision making to lead the project team is manifested from understanding the culture and securing a sufficient concept of the organizational behavior.

The identified organizational culture within the project environment empowers the project manager in motivating the project team to strive for effective decisions. The organizational culture impacts the project team members for decision making during the process of completing the tasks for deliverables, in which, the organizational behavior detects how successful the channels of implementing changes and how issues are addressed. Therefore, the communication and culture defines the organizational behavior for the project manager to effectively and efficiently manage the special project.

The transfer of information and delivering a clear understanding of the project needs essentially benefits all associated individuals to the progress of the team within the organizational culture framework. In the framework of organizational behavior, the attributes of effective communication and understanding the culture outlines the theory of motivation for the project manager to utilize in solidifying the team. The theory of motivation offers the project manager key concepts to implement to the project team for redefining the specific goals set forth from the project charter to the scope.

The theory of motivation ranges from different thought of reason from theorists to apply a certain scientific approach, however, the fundamental approach is the model to connecting the team objectives with a purpose mindset amongst team members. Most employees need to feel the importance of the objectives; therefore, the project manager motivated communication tactics are critical for achieving the planned goals. The pursuit for a successful project is the normal functional operations of the technique of project management within the context of organizational behavior.

The efforts of the three “C” are communication, cooperation, and coordination that all work together in a synergistic approach to create a winning coalition with organizational behavior and project management. The three “C” are essential to providing the means in allowing project management to function in a positive team environment. The goal of project management is to manage and complete the delivery of the client’s deliverable on time and on budget. Therefore, the role of organizational behavior within the principals of project management is the ability to achieve the company’s goals and mission in a strategic framework.

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