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Organization transformation Essay

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The need for a change is almost there on a daily basis in corporations. This is accentuated by particularly by the advent of new technology like the internet and new management methods and new technologies (Wallace, 2007). This brings in new ways of doing jobs within the company and thus the workers are affected. Companies which initially used to have the traditional organization model have increasingly adopted they are better and more efficient and modern transformed organizational models.

An organization provides a mean of utilizing individual capabilities within a team to accomplish what cannot be achieved by the aggregate attempts of team members working in isolation. The aims of forming corporations and organizations are to deliver goods or services to consumers in a way that at the conclusion of the deal profits and not losses can be realized.

Organizational change is geared at achieving this and thus winning the hearts and minds of the target population while concurrently bringing about a changed behavior and work culture to the partakers. In response to this Organizational transformation, roles, skills, job descriptions and structure of the workforce need to be re-designed. The Southwest Gas Corporation Such a company that has embraced organizational change from the traditional one to the modern organization transformation is the southern gas corporation of Nevada.

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Having realized that all organizations and corporations are unique due to unique environment in which they operate and their mode and ways of operations they should be structured to accommodate unique problems and opportunities Southwest Gas Corporation is a company engaged in the business of purchasing, distributing and transporting natural gas to residential, commercial and industrial customers in Nevada state of the southwestern United States. The Gas Corporation has employed about 2,500 workers who serve at least 1. 8million customers in Arizona, Nevada and parts of California states.

The company is an investor owned utility whose shares are traded in the New York Stock Exchange and the pacific stock exchange (South West Gas Corporation, 2007). The company has been implementing a five year organizational transformation with an aim of offering better services to the customers and improving the quality of he workers. With respect to transformation certain areas should be prioritized for instance in redefining the business model, integrating acquisitions, building infrastructure, reframing markets and managing talents.

The southern gas corporation has taken comprehensive plan to change from the traditional to the transformed organizational model studies done on this company indicated that a positive correlation between the working conditions and the productivity of the workers exists . the results of the studies revealed that innate forces of human behavior may have a greater influence on organizations than do mechanistic incentive systems.

In response to that study southern gas corporation have done an almost complete overhaul in areas to do with transport, billing, the accounting system, meter reading systems and the whole organization structure of the company since 2002. Effects Having undergone the organizational change to a more better and modern one saw a number of transformations in the work force. Every member of the workforce was subjected to month long refreshment training as a way of crating a new working atmosphere and as a way of orientating them to the new working tools. The remuneration package was revised to increase the morale of the workers.

On the part of the infrastructure the offices and other working areas were renovated. The total reorganization of the offices this was to cater for the psychological aspect of the workers The Organizations adopted a vertical division of labor practice involving the administrators then below them the managers and supervisors and lastly at the base we have the workers. The principal function of top level administrators or executives generally is to plan long-term strategy and administer the middle managers whose work is to guide the day to day activities of the corporations and oversee implementation of the top level strategy.

Low-level supervisors and laborers put the made strategy into action and carry out the immediate tasks needed to keep the corporation running. Thus, the South west gas corporation has become a formal with reference to the extent of formalization of rules that have been adopted within the organization structure. In formal organizations, a mild impersonal relationship between the workers and the company is viewed as the best environment suitable for achievements of organization’s objectives by the managerial staff.

Here subordinates duties more clearly defined and workforce with different applicable skills are dispensed duties to their areas of specialization in the corporation. It is the duties of workers at the bottom level to perform the essential duties of the corporation with supervisory assistance from the managers. Subordinate staff deals generally with supply and production chain of the corporation . The managerial needs of the whole business process is overseen by the higher cadre staff that includes the supervisors and the administrators.

Two important implications into the change in the organization procedure there was equity due to just fair and impartial treatment of all workers, the organization was more orderly since employees were arranged where they would be of most value to the corporation. Initiative was fostered by encouraging the employees to act on their own. Similarly the employees cultivated more attributes and etiquettes (South West Gas Corporation, 2007). Motivation should come from different incentives rather than letting monetary rewards be the sole motivators.

The spirit of comradeship among the workers fostered devotion to a common cause. The behavioral change by the managers that allowed greater latitudes stimulated the workers. In general, transformation made workers to become more productive. Having been provided with the best working conditions the workers employees have become capable of effective self-direction yielding self-actualization and this was among the biggest rewards that organizations has provided to its employees. Similar the shares of the southern gas company at the New York stock exchange gained value.

Use of improved service delivery systems for instance the better gas safety management systems reduced the number of gas accident cases recorded prior to the five year period. Due to a liberalized approach towards the workers in the by the management they were able to create their labour organization to looks for their own interests, thus enhancing growth of the labour union organizations. This amounted to increase in vocal power of the workers to demand their rights. Conclusion In the world today organizations are operating in an increasingly complex platform.

Changing multiple dimensions and high rates globalization trends and the implications of the post-industrial information age are driving these corporations to revolutinalize themselves (Wallace, 2007). The end product of this transformation is a successful company with competent work force. However, organizational transformation should not stop with the end of the project duration. During the benefit realizations stage of the lifecycle, emphasis should be continued on the need to encourage the workers and the community to adapt to the new ways of working and get the most from the system change.

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