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Nivea Family Brand Essay

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1. What is the market’s perception of the Nivea family brand on each of the following dimensions?

• Performance- Nivea-primarily through Nivea Crème-had acquired a unique, widely understood brand identity as “caretaker” of skin. Since 1911, Nivea has been making the first water-in-oil emulsion that is a reliable top selling product. They used superior and innovative ingredients. Consumers see Nivea as a quality brand.

• Imagery- Nivea has a strong brand personality which is emotionally involving based on childhood, trust and love. The product imagery represented caring, pure, gentle, family values, trust, mildness and fair price. The product is used for dry skin and all skincare needs.

• Judgments – Most users grew up with Nivea and learned that it was a product that could be used by the entire family to satisfy all kinds of needs. Because of consumers’ own personal history with the brand and the company’s advertising, Nivea had become strongly associated with shared family experiences and had a rich set of other brand associations such as “care,” “protection,” “mildness” etc.

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• Feelings- Nivea evokes feeling of caring, fun, security, gentleness and pureness. The brand is closely linked with consumers. Nivea is a global brand with a wide assortment of products catering to the full spectrum of consumer segments

2. Identify the brand associations (individual brands under the family umbrella) for the following 3 sub brands: Visage, Vital, Beaute. What role does each sub brand play in entering the respective product-markets? In other words, why shouldn’t the company just use the family brand without individual brands?

• Visage: Nivea Visage focused on mildness. Cosmed upgraded Nivea Visage’s image through a series of actions. Firstly, it remains close to the Nivea brand image of pureness and gentleness, targeted for the face with a more sophisticated image. Secondly, the company improved its product, offering day and night crème. To support this they changed the packaging and logo. Their advertisements aimed at more at the scientific and research aspects coupled with the historic trust in the brand.

• Vital: Vital targets women over 50 years old. The advertisements are less family angled and utilize older female models that the target market can easily identify with. The packaging, logo and colors were redesigned for this different target market. The colors chosen for the logo were red and gold to represent energy and femininity. Natural and recognizable ingredients were added to the product line, such as: soy proteins and primrose oil. • Beaute: Beaute is positioned with primary focus on the skin-care attributes of the products by using the slogan “Colors that Care”. The products were packaged in stylish containers made with deep-blue hues that resonated with the Nivea Crème packaging. Each product specialized in meeting the needs of different consumers. Prices were higher to compete with their biggest competitors

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