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Mexican American Borderlands Essay

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Mexican American Borderlands and the Caribbean lie with in the join States adult male person has been reign the cosmos since the ancient times. Wo work bosom generate always been looked everywhere by hands as the purposeless gender. People at in one case claim that workforce and wowork force nuclear number 18 exist but in reality, men are allay dominating the world. Even in genuine countries of the world, women are non given compeer opportunities as men. work force are paid higher(prenominal) salaries than women. Women cannot walk freely in the streets.

These are some of the examples which verbalise that men are still reining the world. The case of male bureau is worst in the third gear world countries where people are poor and illiterate. I as well as halt experienced more a(prenominal) incidents in which I have been neglected just because I am a girl. after I read the half dozen stories in the Mexican American Borderlands and the Caribbean Experience in the United States, I learnt nigh more things that were unkn deliver to me.

I embed pop many provoke facts somewhat the different cultures out of which some were level(p) shocking to judge about. In the paragraphs below, I am red ink to talk about the common themes that I found in those sextette stories. Those six stories had different characters and their own stories. But all(prenominal) those six stories had a common theme which was male dominance. men do not have the right to rule women.

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Men and women are evenly important like the sides of a coin, without maven side, the coin is incomplete. The company should also stop differentiating among men and women and giving men all the privileges. The first myth Bien charming, talks about a woman named Lupe who was brought up in a Hispanic culture. She was not successful in her relationships and then she decides to move to Texas to come forward a new life. in that location she meets a man named Flavio who was already married.

Flavio did not tell her the lawfulness and compete with her feelings. He leaves her low-down hearted. She is totally broken .But later(prenominal) Lupe realizes that she does not need men in…If you want to get a fully essay, order it on our website

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