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Internet Personal Security Is Not Absolute Essay

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Internet is the most trending and most widely used in today’s generation, either it is used for communication, used for sharing files and documents, for making new acquaintances, or just for own enjoyment. People can also use the internet when they want to socialize with others, when they want to share what’s on their mind and the on goings of their lives, when they want to know what the trending topics like news and scandals, or when they want to post some pranks or scum other people. Internet usability can either be a great help to everyone or it can impose a threat to someone or somebody.

People think that when they post something online, whether it is good, bad, privately, or publicly, that information is safely sealed and secured. But the truth is, it can be freely access or easily steal from them. Hacking, viruses, trojans, and especially own self are some of the reasons that threaten internet security. Among all of these examples, hacking is on the top list. Even though there are some laws against hacking like the Republic Act No. 10175, also known as the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012, it is not enough assurance to protect the people against hackers and it doesn’t improve the internet security. Changes need to be made in the law to increase internet security, and find and punish cyber criminals. Additional laws to stop cybercriminals and necessary, unenforceable, and could infringe upon interest users rights to privacy and the growth of the internet.

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The issue here is that the internet security is not that secured for users or for people to rely upon. People can hide their files thoroughly or limit the number of people who can access his or her private account but sooner or later that information will be publish and revealed publicly with or without his or her approval. There are different explanations on why this information once hidden and now visible seen by many people, but the most common reason is that “your file/ information is being hacked”, it can be an expert hacker or you have been chosen for someone’s prank or hobby. In strict definition of “hacker”, according to Rouse, M. (October, 2006): “Hacker is a term for “a clever programmer” who wanted to break into someone’s computer systems.

These are people who enjoy learning details of programming language or system. They want to further their knowledge and skills in a particular computer language. Typically, the hacker is either proficient programmer or engineer with technical knowledge on the weakness and vulnerability of the computer system. (Rouse, M. (October, 2006). Definition: hacker. Search Security. Retrieved on January 23, 2013 from http://searchsecurity.techtarget.com/definition/hacker).”

Like the given definition, because of the hacker’s hobby of exploring and gaining more knowledge on his preferred programming language, he will not give a care on whose account he is butchering, as long as he increases his understanding and skills on his chosen subject. He will not consider if it is personally- owned or government-owned accounts, as long as it interests him, he will do anything on his power to hack that website. Like for example the issue of hacking some government and civil society websites in the Philippines. According to Kabiling, G. D. (October 2, 2012): “The Anonymous Philippines (as what the hackers describe theirselves) hacked different government and civil society websites, namely: Police Community Relations Group (PCRG) of the Philippine National Police (PNP), Maritime Industry Authority (Marina), Intellectual Property Office (IPO), and Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG). The reason for their attacked is to voice out their protest and opinions on implementing the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012. (Kabiling, G. D. (October 2, 2012). More Gov’t Websites Hacked: Cybercrime law in effect starting Wednesday. Manila Bulletin Publishing Corporation. Retrieved on January 24, 2013 from http://www.mb.com.ph/articles/375681/more-gov-t-websites-hacked#.UQGDCScUuBw).”

There is also a hacking issue on American banks, which according to Staff, R. (September 20, 2012): “The hacking of websites and corporate networks at Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase & Co and Citigroup began in late 2011 and escalated this year. According to one of their sources, the attacks were in response to U.S. sanctions on Iranian banks.”

The two issues are both similar and different. It is similar because they reported about different hacker’s interfere someone’s computer system. Different because on the first issue, hacking the government websites, the hackers introduced their group and post the reason why they block the websites and on the second issue, the hacker denied their involvement even though many evidences are pointing towards them.

Hacking is the most dangerous hobby. Even though the Philippine government implemented the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012, it cannot give assurance on protecting the people. The Philippine government must change this law and focus more on the most problematic cybercrime issues. Government must strengthen the internet security in order to lessen the attacks of the hackers to the innocent people who freely use the internet. And in order to accomplish the changes they must first know why the internet security is absolute? Who are the people affected and can use the internet security? How someone knows if the internet security they use can either be helpful or can trigger harm to them?

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