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Internet and Modern Technology Essay

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There are many forms of modern technology that have played important roles throughout my life, and the computer has affected my life the most. There are both positive and negatives aspects on how the computer has helped me. There are also advantages and disadvantages to this form of modern technology, called the computer.

The first and foremost advantage of the computer is how it has helped me with my school work. With having Google, Dictionary, and Ask, these are sources on the computer that are very helpful with getting information. It is a lot faster and more convenient. Another thing I love about it, is the communication you can have with friends and family. With Facebook, email, and Skype, it’s a lot faster and easier way to communicate with your loved ones. I feel that one of the most important is that these communication avenues are free.

Even though I use a lot of these technologies almost daily they can also cause distractions. On the down side, some of the negatives aspects of technology with computers are that it can be an expensive form of access to information. Also not only do you have to pay for the computer but you also have to pay for the internet access to get to some of these information sites. Another down fall is the networks do shut down. So if you are doing homework or talking with friends it can sometimes aimlessly stop working. Another negative to having a computer is it can affect people’s work ethic, by looking at Facebook, or playing online games. So they aren’t getting their job done. Knowing there are still disadvantages to computers there are still advantages in using it correctly.

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As a conclusion to technology and the ever ways it has changed and will change in the future. Hopefully some of the changes will be headed for advantages for the future, in a form of no charge for internet access, and not having to worry about towers going down. Also for the younger generations to know how to still look information without taking advantages of everything being at their fingertips. Unfortunately we cannot see into the future to see what advantages and disadvantages are in store for us, but hopefully they are for the better and I am very thankful for the modern technology that is available and the advantages it has for me.

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