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Illinois Employers Essay

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The Illinois WARN reduces the number of employees required for an employer’s notification, which should be done 60 days advance, in case of layoffs or closing. It reduces from 100 (as set by the federal WARN) to not less than 75 full-time employees who has a combined working time of 4,000 hours or more per week. Also, 33% and at least 25 full-time employees or at least 250 full-time employees are required for mass lay offs which is half the requirement of the federal WARN. Other government officials must also be informed in case of reallocation. Noncompliance with the Act can be brought in the federal court by the concerned employees.

COMMENT 1: Indeed, theses laws will have good impact in the community and may also decrease the unemployment rate. However, it will also trigger a fear on the side of the employer. Upon receiving a notice 60 days before the closing or lay off, the employees will surely look for a job. There, they may be times when the employees will leave their job even before the closing period once they find a new job. However, notification in such cases (closing or lay off and reallocation) will surely benefit the community will surely benefit the community as a whole for unemployment is sure to decrease.

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WARN really secures the employees interest by taking away the fear of being fired all of a sudden. Thus, employees will really feel secure as long WARN is in place since there is a law that protects their interest and work security. They are also more secure because noncompliance to the laws imposed by WARN can be brought to the federal court in which employers can be required to pay for the 60 days of non-notification. ESSAY 2 Almost all members of the community will be affected by the decision especially the smokers or costumers as well as the tobacco growers, manufacturers and the stores.

The store has no obligation to not hurt tourism since every business is free to offer what product or services that they want provided that they didn’t violate the law. Neda does not set aside business ethics since even business ethics does not impose compulsory selling of tobacco. It is more like being responsible to the community since they aim to prevent lawsuits and criminal penalties due to unavoidable selling of tobacco to minors. COMMENT 1: Smokers and non-smokers are the ones that are truly affected by the decision to ban tobacco selling within the community.

Neda does have the right to sell whatever she see fit thus, business ethics was not violated. Neda also have no responsibility on the tourism industry since what the decision she had made was meant for her own store only and not for the whole community. It just so happen that more and more agreed to her decision. However, there are times that business and personal ethics does not go hand in hand. There are times that in order to protect your personal ethics, you must violated business ethics and vice versa. Personal ethics is not a requirement of business ethics although most of the time, personally ethical are also business ethical.

COMMENT 2: The stake holders that are mentioned are indeed the affected people by the decision. However, the most affected remains the consumers of the product, the smokers. They are the most affected because they are the ones that really depend on the use of the product. Regarding Neda’s decision, it is also right to say that both personal and business ethics had been taken for consideration. Another proof that showed that business ethics was also considered is that Neda protected not only the citizens but as well as the workers who are legally punished for selling tobacco on minors.

It is also the concern of business ethics to ensure that their employees are doing legal jobs. Also, rather than decrease in tourism, the decision may also serve as a ground to increase tourism because of the good image that the community is able to portray. The tourists do not visit the community to smoke in the first place. It is also natural there are people that will accommodate those smokers who are suffering from the decision.


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