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Hitler and Big Brother Essay

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Some totalitarian regimes can be similar in some ways but also different in others. 1984 is a book that talks about a totalitarian regime that is ruled by big brother. We can find some similarities to this totalitarian regime with the regime of Adolf Hitler. They are both totalitarian regimes that are ruled by different leaders that can convince people to follow them so they can rule a population, and make people to be subordinated to them just by persuading them. So if you look to both totalitarian regimes you can find come similarity in how they ruled the population and what their idea was, but also can find a lot of differences between bot regimes. In the novel of 1984 the author writes about the society under the powerful and omniscient Big Brother. Is an story that show us the dangers of a totalitarian government. So in the book it shows how controlling Big Brother is and also shows that in the future it would be so much more.

That means that in the future the danger would be bigger. This is a similarity that Big Brother has with Adolf Hitler; both are very controlling, Hitler controlled and watched all the time the Nazis and the Jews. Both leaders besides being very controller both are obsessed with power. So both leaders needed to have everyone in control of them, because they needed that. Hitler didn’t think twice about his actions, this relates to Big Brother because he was also quick to judge and didn’t give anyone second choice, you were or equal or dead. Influencing people at a young age is one tactic used by Hitler in Nazi Germany and by Big Brother in 1984 to keep the future of their nations devoted. This type of organization makes the young ones feel like they are involved in something important.

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Both Hitler and Big brother have ways of brain washing the youth mind so they start following them. The spies in 1984 and the Hitler Youth in Nazi Germany grow up living the way that their dictator had set up and for the rest of their lives they will be faithful and devoted, and both dictator make them think that that way of living was the only one good for them, so for the rest of their lives they would think that was the only way of living. That is cruel because the youth don’t know what is going to happen, they don’t know if what they are doing is right or wrong. Both leaders chose youth to manipulate because is so much easier, because they still don’t know a lot of things.

Hitler killed a lot of Jews during the Holocaust because he had prejudice against them. This can be related to Big brother because he had prejudice against intelligent people, and used a memory ship to erase their memory, that was his way of stopping intelligence people. Maybe this is not a similarity between them both because Big Brother didn’t kill that much people, but both have the same idea, stopping the people they had prejudice. Both leaders also use mass media to create heroic images about them. Hitler create a cult about himself by making he look god-like and infallibles. Both leaders transform their society in their revolutionary ideas using propagandas and techniques. Hitler and Big Brother presented themselves as god-like to gain the people appeal. They both are strong leaders that use their intelligence and their persuasive to play off peoples fear to gain more power.

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