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Get More with Organic Food Essay

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With the growing population across the globe, technology has been trying to intervene to produce more food for everyone. The concurrent food crisis assaults man’s staple food source. Different departments have been called to help alleviate the problem. Scientists have been pushed to find a means to help the agriculture of these crops. They use chemicals, hormones and other genetic re-engineering to produce more. Unfortunately, this process also dilutes what one can get in consuming food. The nutritional value is then degraded to none.

In this regard, this essay stand firm in the notion that organic food will deliver more benefits than non-organic food. There are definite reasons behind this claim. To affirm the claim, the benefits of both categories will be laid out. By utilizing this process, one will be able to have an educated stance regarding the debate. The simple question relies on whether countries will choose the science of quality or quantity. Organic Food Organic food is defined by the process by which it is produced. This process makes use of the natural means of growing produce. Natural fertilizers and traditional means of cultivating them are practiced.

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They do not make use of modern technology to reap these produce. This kind of food does not undergo any sort of preservation process to prolong its shelf life. This, of course, calls for a lot of advantages. These are (1) the nutritional values of the food are kept intact, (2) being chemical free renders consumers emancipated from substances that may inevitably incur illness to a person, and (3) it leaves soil free from residue brought by chemicals for the next crops to be planted. Since organic products are grown with the most natural means possible, most of the nutrients products naturally have are well maintained.

When products undergo a process, to prolong its shelf life and enhance its flavor, before being sold to the market, it loses its nutrients at a certain point. The primary purpose of eating is to attain nutrients to sustain life. But with the numerous process one could only imagine that a lot of nutrients are taken away and drained to waste. The processes denied food of his primary purpose. The second benefit of organic food is that there are no chemicals used in it that may have potential harm on the people. Since it was grown in the most natural manner, it did not have to use chemicals to cultivate.

These chemicals, even when the produce or livestock has been processed, it remains in its composition. When people eat these kinds of food, they in turn absorb these chemicals. But with organic food, the people are spared of this endeavor. They are also given the opportunity to live longer. The third benefit, and most probably one of the most important, of organic food is rather for the long term consequences. When chemicals are used to push produce to grow faster and bigger, these are also absorbed by the soil. When other crops are planted in the same area, these will also absorb the chemicals.

The soil will continue to be contaminated unless unused for a long period of time. On the other hand, organic produce does not make use any kind of chemicals. The soil will be contaminant free. It likewise promotes biological diversity, as mentioned by an article from the website Medical Wellness Association. Some of the chemicals they expose to the environment harms more than the pests they want to remove. Non-Organic On the other hand, non-organic food also has its own benefits. This category of food refers to products, both crop and livestock, which have been enhanced by scientific advances.

Its size, taste and quantity has been changed so that it is bigger, tastier, and more. Since these are enhanced products, it has been assumed that these are also better. It is not about finding means of making a profit. It is about trying to find answers as man surpasses what is. It is not creation, but intervention. It was designed to primarily make more for the hungry. With the help of technology, non-organic food is also able to reap the following benefits: (1) longer shelf life and better flavor, (2) it is relatively cheaper due to how it was produced, and (3) it could be the answer to world hunger.

In certain parts of the world, the climate and technology prohibits some people from being able to store food for a long period of time. But with the help of advanced technology, they are given more than an opportunity. They were given an answer. In relation to the enhanced flavor, perhaps that is just an added benefit to the storage. With this advancement, individuals are able to have a hefty meal with just opening a can or heating a pack in a microwave. It has become a matter of convenience. Since non-organic food is also produced in great numbers, it becomes relatively cheaper than organic food.

The process is easier and significantly takes a shorter time in manufacturing. With cheaper food, more people are able to purchase them. Especially in third world countries, availing food should be able to fit into their daily budget. In some countries, where a lot of people are at the brink of extreme poverty, it is important that they are provided with food with reasonable prices. In this light, with the above mentioned benefits of non-organic food, perhaps it has become the answer to world hunger. The world is getting over populated, and there is less food for everyone. There is food crisis simultaneously in different nations.

On top of that, famine and drought in certain countries even forbade their people to even try to plant crops or raise livestocks. Some are dying because of hunger or illnesses brought by it. But because there are crops and livestock that are easily produced in great numbers, it could be that they will be able to finally give a spark to the hope of many hungry people. Organic products sometimes take too long to grow or produce that the rate of how population increases is not matched by the rate these crops and livestocks grow. The Better Option After laying out what each food category can offer, one should be able to find which is better.

Organic food is a natural product free from chemicals. It also allows the environment to produce without the influences from synthetic substances that could be potentially harmful in the long run. On the other hand, non-organic food has longer shelf life and better taste. It is also relatively cheaper from the former category. More importantly, it silently declares to answer world hunger. Unfortunately, even if non-organic food presents a lot of promises to the people and the economy, organic food is still the better option. Feeding the people with non-organic food does not assure the extension of their lives than when they go hungry.

Perhaps when they are fed, they will be able to survive. But they should not depend on it. When the chemicals get accumulated in their systems, it could result to terminal illnesses, like cancer. Yes, the growing population is being fed satisfactory amounts. However, what purpose does it serve when more harm is done? It harms not only the people, but also the environment. Even when the people get to eat, if the earth gets damaged due to these chemicals and residues, what will be left to the people? They are not hungry, but the inevitability of their choice will cope, and then devastation.

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