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Environmental policy Essay

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Environment is the surrounding of any specific object of the system. The current issue of environmental problems had risen in late 1970 when several industrials masses become evident. Several new industries started and developed several chances for employment for the world. The industries although produce a positive impact on the economy of the world with reference to their monetary benefits but they, as a counter effect, produce several harms to the society as well as their environment.

Due to the fact that every input have the output which is some what lower and the remain residual as waste, the world feels that there should be some how some regulation or rules or a guide line to restrict these industries for the betterment of the society and specially for the environment. So it became much more eminent to build an effective guide line, commonly known as policy, as a safety valve for the environment of the world. So a new concept of social economics arrived.

For example, an industrial unit which contributes its share to contaminate the environment has an extra opportunity cost known as social cost which effect its market position. After the emission of social economics the concept of an affective environmental control procedure or rules arises this further processed and formed an environmental policy. Although, in social economic that extra social costs were not on the account of the company that produce it but on the account of the whole market. That was the major reason behind the evolution of the environmental policy.

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The major key interceptors for any environmental policy are its basic harming agents which possess an effective entity in the market or economy. Like deforesting, Water contamination, greenhouse effect etc. An effective environmental policy not only contribute in the development of the country in form of its economic impact but it also prevent from over budgeting and decrease the unit of social cost of any economy. An environmental policy is the basic key element to build a cleaner and safer environment. In other words, the economic policy is the preservator of future raw material for the industries.

So an effective environmental policy works as a catalyst for the development of any economy as well as it also creates a conducive environment for the labor and entrepreneurs to use their skills and capabilities. (McKee, 1991) Let’s have a look on the factors that are currently being configured as a primary concern of any environmental policy. The first factor which is currently most important is the global warming. The temperature of the world has now being in process of change. Mean to say that the temperature of the world is rising. Green House gas effect is the main reason behind that global warming.

This green house gas occurs due to the emission of carbon dioxide in burning fossil fuel. Methane (a byproduct of agricultural form) is another element behind that change in temperature rise. They allow the sun heat rays to be in but they don’t allow the rays to upward emission that’s why the surface of the earth is getting much hotter. Another factor which effects the environment is clean air. Again the main source for this contamination is again fossil fuel. After burning these fuels emits carbon dioxide and carbon mono oxide which then mix with air and contaminate it acid rain is also a byproduct of this contaminated air.

Another important factor is species preservation. The rapid economic growth has caused several species to vanish. Again the waste from these industries polluted water and caused serious effect on several species. Water quality is one more important factor that effect environmental policy. It’s also a major issue. Just like water pollution Air pollution with chemicals is also concerning to policy. One of the most important concerns of any environmental policy is the industrial waste because this is one of the most basic elements in contamination of almost every impurity.

The true implement of any environmental policy is only possible when we have an effective management system of industrial waste distribution. That how can we protect our resources and environment from polluting by recycling or destroying our industrial waste by any means. The basic industrial waste is usually the by products of any economic yield products. This waste can be in any form. It can be solid, or liquid or gracious or in some cases, radioactive. After the starting of the era of nuclear science another form of waste arrived. This is known as nuclear waste. (Environment, 2008)

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