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Electronic security Essay

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Electronic security is defined as any tool or technique that is used purposely to protect system’s information assets. E-security is very valuable element in e-commerce since it adds value to the computer network as it composed of both soft and hard infrastructure

E-security has been a matter of debate and it has been scientifically argued to be of great importance to economic development as it aid efficient trade and commerce. E-security has enhanced safe transaction and this has enable customers needs to be taken care off. Through e-security market place has expand since on line is very vital in that it enable many customers to be access to safe markets.  Computer security systems enhance effectiveness, efficient, satisfaction of customers. E-security systems also aids proper decision making concerning security susceptible situations through user interface design (Marco, 2003)

E-security has been considered to a fundamental aspect in ensuring that technology benefits an organization in bringing both social and economic development.

Development of on line environment has the impact of creating trust amongst its users and this has been taken by many organizations as a priority in order to gain competitive advantage. (Marco, 2003) 

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Goals of the study of an academic study

Security has been subjected to various studies because of the fact that it aids in organization operations. It has been viewed by government entities as an idea of great demand that should be given priorities. The academic study by the Carnegie Mellon University was conducted to ascertain the level of security that can be derived from use of e-security in any given transaction (Marco, 2003)

Goals of the private organization study

On the other hand, a private organization study was conducted with almost similar goals to the former i.e.  The aim of ascertaining that there is protection of attributes of information security. These attributes include confidentiality, availability and integrity (Marco, 2003). It was also conducted with the objective of factors that can lead to failure of e-security in organizations either through poor planning and design or  overall complexity of electronic security architecture that are concern with sustaining the above attributes. It is vital to comprehend that proper security process encapsulates and consolidates the various processes in an organization such as detection, prevention and recovery of information and other relevant data.

.Reasons for conducting the study

  • The academic study was conducted with the aim of ascertaining the methodological approach that can be adopted by organizations and other business institution when assessing the level of competency that it poses in implementation of e-commerce in presence of e-security.
  • To analyze how organization can be effectively and efficiently formulate electronic security and electronic commerce strategies to enhance proper functioning of the organizations
  • To enable the organization to understand the factors that contributes to wide spread of e-security and electronic commerce in the global economy. The study was conducted to articulate major variables that bring about extensive use of the e-security by the business organizations.
  • To compare electronic security, electronic procurement, electronic commerce, payments systems and electronic portals. This is to ascertain the influence that these aspects have brought in terms of global growth in economy.
  • To comprehend and articulate the strategic implications of electronic security on private, public and civil organizations have been able to reduce risk associated cost and how market transactions have been carried out efficiently. It was done to draw inference on the impact of technology and faster flow of information on business transactions.
  • To assess the available options in which e-security can be adopted as a tool for achieving organization goals through proper management strategies
  • To monitor and evaluate e-commerce’s impact upon current global business

 Transactions, technologies and public policy as related to electronic
commerce strategy and new technical innovations.

Type of data collected

The data was collected during the academic study on e-security by the University was surveys from businesses and households on the importance and use of electronic security and ICT in general. The information collected was mainly pertaining trust on IT security. Specific question were being asked concerning the way different households perceived the importance and barriers to Internet commerce. The data collected depends entirely on the traditional strengths of the already collected data which was being used as secondary form of information.  The data collected concerns trust and security of technology services which been employed currently by many organizations.

The report that came out of the study was an official data and semi-official data. Both types of data feature the trust that electronic security should be vested with. The official data carries the proposed questions that should be put into consideration before implementing any type of electronic security

.How was data collected

The data was collected in controlled experiment set up where students who used to attend introductory level business class were the main subjects.  The University employed e-learning package when conducting the study due to the fact that Internet was available. They were randomly assigned certain conditions that were required to follow.

Before the actual experiment been conducted students were asked to fill the questionnaire that carries information concerning the demographic profile and other paramount features.  The questionnaires were well validated in order to give correct measures of performance avoidance and any kind of reluctance that the students portrayed (Marco, 2003)

Research Questions OF ACADEMIC STUDY

The following are common questions that were asked when conducting both studies and they cover important aspects of electronic security and to manage upon its implementation in the organization. These includes policy frameworks, principles, integration with management procedures and more so the significances to total quality management in an organizations. The questions which were asked during private organization study include;

  • What are the some of the principles that influences the transition of electronic security?
  • In what can enterprise security framework enhance the effective administration of electronic security in an organization?
  • In what way can electronic security management be significant aspect to total quality management and enterprise strategic management model?

Research questions of the private organization study

On the other hand questions which were asked during academic study on electronic security included;

  • In your opinion, what are the significant differences between different ways of electronic payment?
  • What are some of the organization where electronic security has been used extensively?
  • What are safety services been offered electronic security?

Instruments used when collecting the data

 When conducting the study, the University used very powerful machines such as computers (Intel Pentium 4). The decision made on the use of these computers when collecting data was based on the physical accessibility barriers of the computers and their memory that could make the work of the student very easy. They collected packet traces for each of the experiment and these traces carried data that allowed the group to analyze control packets (AlAboodi, 2003).

Results of the study

After conducting the study, what came out clearly was the fact that e-security and other web service technologies have had a far-reaching influence on business operations in organizations. Web services and electronic securities have enable organizations to carry out the transactions without the human intervention. It has enable data and applications to flow in without being monitored by the human being. It was also noted that electronic services can be put in place in wide variety of architectures hence can co-exist with other technologies.

These services can be adopted in an evolutionary manner in absence of main transformations to legacy applications. Furthermore, it was realized that challenges posed by security cannot be avoided. From the study it was discovered that there exist difficult issues that an organization should put into consideration before implementing any electronic security. These include;

  • Lack of confidentially and integrity of data that depend upon electronic security for its transmission. Service to service transactions are not being trusted by many business organizations due to lack of confidentiality.
  • Availability in the face of denial of service attacks that exploit vulnerabilities unique to Web service technologies, especially targeting core services, such as discovery service, on which other services rely.
  • Functional integrity of electronic security has been subject of debate in many organizations due to the fact that it is not been trusted by many organizations (AlAboodi, 2003).

Results study of private organization study

The end results of private organization study conducted on electronic security was that improved security is very important to organizations since it adds value to the organization. These are achieved by use of electronic security to enhance good interaction with the potential traders across the globe. Through use of electronic security organizations have been able to gain competitive advantage over their competitors because they are able to maintain closer customer relationship. From the study conducted, it can be concluded that proper employment of electronic securities enable companies to improve their reputation which in turn helps to maintain and retain customers (AlAboodi, 2003)

The results obtained from the studies conducted have a very practical value in the sense if a company put in place a well functioning electronic system; it is a position to make a lot of sales. These is as a result of good maintenance of potential customers by the virtue that safe transaction are been carried out between the customers and the organization.

If information security and electronic security is well managed, it results less costs of operations been incurred. In addition, electronic security is the basis for healthy foundation for implementation of good business structures and other vital frameworks which are factors that fosters economic growth been experienced in the organization These include Total Quality Management(TQM) and Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) (AlAboodi , 2003)

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