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Diversity Organization worksheet Essay

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When you look at the status of women throughout the United States there has been up’s and down’s. When you look back at the earlier years women were looked at as having a low standard I life versus men having a higher standard. In the 19th century time started changing for women; they begin to fight for equal rights. In the 20th century there were a few laws that passed stating that women should be treated the same as everyone else. In today’s time women work alongside with men and women has dangerous jobs that they work daily, the same as men. There are some women in office contributing to running this country and running the country in a more efficient way than before. There is women police officer putting their life on the line to protect all people. There needs to be two people to pay bills that is why in today’s time men and women both work for one household. Things has changed over the years as far as women having equal rights and I feel this change has been to better this country.

I like those women can make decisions and they do not have to worry about anyone second guessing them. Masculinity and femininity are traits defined when you are at a young age; this is when mothers and fathers dressed girls in pink clothing and boys in blue clothing. In life gender associates with many things, for examples careers, sports, and look at a person for what automobile they drive. In the society we live in today it is a common thing to associate things like huge trucks, boxing, football, and wrestling as masculine things for men. Looking at the women side of things wo9me are often looked at as a homemaker, nurses, secretaries, passive, and are looked at to be in tune with their feminine side. The media plays a part in how people view masculinity and feminine which can be completed by a man or woman. In the television world me and woman are looked at in a certain way.

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In earlier years GLBT was dangerous because of abuse whether physical abuse or verbal abuse, and some went to the extent of killing because their opinion was so intense. Some people viewed these types of situations as justified. In today’s times GLBT are known to be safe. The reason I say GLBT is now safer because GLBT in many states are now legal. There is prejudice and discrimination against GLBT nothing ever happens because they are consequences with the law. Congressman Polis is a chairman of the LGBT Equality Caucus. There are 91 Members of Congress they are committed to making sure the human rights of LGBT are protected in the U.S., The Caucus of the LGBT was established in June 2008 these members are committed to eliminate hate crimes and to make sure everyone has an opportunity to have access to improve their health, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Congressman Polis one the leader to fight against the military’s “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” this was about gas and lesbians in the military. DADT was an act to let the gays and lesbians know that they could not serve in the military openly about their sexual orientation. DADT was the only law that told people to lie about what was going on in their lives so that they would not be fired. Unfortunately hate crimes happens every day and I every state. Hate crimes are not investigated the way most crimes are and that’s because some states do not have the necessary resources to investigate these crimes to the fullest of the law. Hate crimes are usually committed because of a person sexual orientation or gender identity or expression. There are a certain number of women that can go into politics; this is an issue for women.

There has been a long wait amongst other women for a woman to become President. In order for a woman to become President it would take men and women to come together and be one the same level of thinking. I feel this would be a hard task to accomplish for a woman to become President; some people still feel a woman should not be ruler over a man. As far as a woman becoming President most people feel like a woman is not strong enough to accomplish the task that it takes to be President.


Phillips,Laurie M.. “Libelous Language Post<i> Lawrence: </i> Accusations of Homosexuality as Defamation”, Free Speech Yearbook, 2012 http://polis.house.gov/issues/?issueID=5032

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