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Anne Frank: Injustice Essay

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An injustice can be defined as a violation of another’s rights. In literature, authors use the element of injustices as the vocal point of the story. The importance of a vocal point is pivotal in a story because it is the skeleton of the piece. The story is founded upon the existence of the injustice and the events that occur because of it. But in some cases the literary piece is not a fictional story. Not only does it occur in literature, it occurs in real life. The world’s history is plagued with unfairness and inhumane acts of injustice.

For instance, the genocide of Jewish people occurred because of Adolph Hitler and his acts of cruelty. The Diary of Anne Frank showcases the injustice she, along with others, endured for the sake of their survival. She suffered a racial injustice, but the biggest injustice is that she did not survive after all the wasted time she spent trying to live normally. Because of the Nazi regime, Anne, her family, and the van Daans, had to hide in a secret annex in order to escape the Nazi’s wrath against the Jews. Anne was kept in isolation against her will because it was the only way she could survive.

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Unfortunately, Anne either had to physically die at a concentration camp or mentally die inside the annex. She spent two years in that annex; she was forced to grow up in that annex and miss out on opportunities that other children had. She never had the ability to actually live like a normal teenage girl and experience normality. After a while, the definition of normality fades. She has a different perspective on what is normal for her because she is stuck in an annex where she does not thrive or excel in normalcy. Her mind is altered of what humanity and love are.

She is practically brainwashed because she does not know how to be normal since all she knows is of what is inside that little annex. At one point, she feels alone and hopeless. She battles between the idea that maybe getting caught would of been the better option because the hell she is stuck in is not any better. As a human being, she deserved to have rights but she had all of those rights taken away from her. It was unfair that she had lost her life and her identity in the real world. Basically, she died when she stepped into that isolated realm; she had no options or any rights.

She died either way because no one deserves to live in agony. After all the suffering she endured, she still did not make it and that is the greatest injustice of all. She fought to survive but all her efforts proved to be futile against the wrath of unfairness. After facing so many hardships and pain, she still did not survive. She lost every drop of hope towards the end of her diary. Anne knew her fate either way; if she survived through the annex, she still would not be the same. She could not escape this injustice no matter what she tried.

Her life became defined by this injustice; her world revolved around this injustice and she could never escape its grip. She was Jewish no matter what. And because of her heritage, this injustice would never leave her. An injustice can be used throughout a literary work. Unfortunately, injustices manifest into the real world to excrete pain and suffering on its victims. The Diary of Anne Frank illuminates the tragic affects of what an injustice can do to a person. She tried to survive against the odds, but it proved to be meaningless because she died when Hitler proclaimed the Jews inferior.

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