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Adolf Hitler Essay

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Adolf Hitler one of the most well known dictators in history. He created the Nazi War Machine and made himself the leader, he killed millions of people due to racial descriminations, and he caused the second world war.

Adolf Hilter was born on April 20th, 1889 in a town, in Austria, called Braunau. Hitler had a father named Alois Hitler. He was very mean and strict. Hitler also had a mother named Clara Hitler. Hitler did not do well in school. He was lazy and dropped out of school at the age of 15. Hitler had a dream of being an artist. He tried to get into the Vienna Academy of Art, but was rejected a couple times. He had no means of supporting himself, so he had to live in a doss house. He painted post cards and shoveled snow to make money. This is where he started to hate Jews. In 1914, Hilter joined the German Army, because WWI had started. He was awarded the Iron Cross for his bravery. He thought that the war was lost beause of the jews.

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Hitler used the German Worker’s Party to rise to power. Hitler was recruited by a military intelligence unit and was assigned to the German Worker’s Party. The party was at complete disarray. It had no program and it was disorganized. Hitler saw this as a way to reach his political end. His hatred for the Jews made the organizations political platform. He had a good voice and everybody wanted to hear him speak. He became the chairman of the pary in July of 1921. He was able to make himself dictator in 1934 because Hindenburg died. He was in power.

Hitler fell from power because he was outmached in war. His army was surrounded by the Russian army in Berlin and the US was close by. He ended his life by killing himself so he couldn’t be captured. Hitler died on April 30th, 1945. He had made the mistake of invading Rissia and it was in the winter that got them in the losing war. His strongest ally, Italy, was out of the war because they surrendered. The Nazi Party had risen and fallen in less than 15 years, but Hitler said it was a 1000 year regime.

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